General Overview

In the era of global digital transformation, the big model represented by ChatGPT has triggered profound industrial changes. From information acquisition and decision assistance to production management and service delivery, the deep integration of artificial intelligence and various fields is reshaping our work and life. At the same time, it also brings a series of unprecedented challenges such as intellectual property, data security and compliance, algorithm fairness, and technological ethics.

Under this background, the "3rd IP Forefront AI Forum 2023" hosted by IP Forefront New Media and Compliance Plus will be held in Beijing from December 6 to 8, 2023, with the theme of "IPProtection and Innovative Value in the Intelligent Era".

This forum will bring together AI intellectual property and compliance experts, legal scholars, corporate intellectual property and legal leaders, and policy makers from major countries around the world to share the latest research results on intellectual property and compliance in the AI industry, and exchange best legal practice experiences for enterprises. Participants will learn about the latest developments in AI intellectual property and compliance, engage in in-depth exchanges with industry experts, and jointly explore how to better protect intellectual property in the new round of technological revolution, promoting the coordinated development of technology and legal compliance.

We look forward to your participation to jointly open a new chapter in the era of AI intelligence.
What you can learn:

• AI industry intellectual property and compliance policy system and global regulation

• AI industry patent value and industrial development innovation direction

• Policy and litigation situation of global IoT industry SEP

• Regulatory policies of AIGC in major countries around the world

• Intellectual property and legal compliance best practices for artificial intelligence and technology enterprises

• Challenges and responses to intellectual property protection of data and data compliance development

• Legal regulations and regulatory measures for the AI industry in major European and American countries

• How do enterprisesconsider intellectual property and compliance risks in the increasingly tense relationship between China and the United States

Benefits of Attending:

• Unique opportunity to raise your profile and showcase your expertise of your organization in AI IP area.

• Enhancing and establish your partnerships with In-house counsel and industry peers globally to protect your patents and market exclusivity.

• Catch up the global AI IP & Compliance landscape and trends to build your strategies to adapt it.

• Exploring the opportunities of China’s AI market and its impact on global AI ecosystem.

• Branding your IP services by in-depth conversation, speaking and exhibition booth in front of global AI/ICT IP professionals throughout this two days AI IP focused forum.

• Getting Insights from leading in-house IP counsel, patent prosecutors and litigators, government officials and policy experts from around the world on latest and hottest AI related IP issues facing IP professions today.

• Arranging meetings with participants during the conference (Pre-Conference workshops, Tea break, Cocktail party and Lunches )

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3rd IP Forefront AI Forum 2023
IP Protection and Innovative Value in the Intelligent Era

Dec 6th Afternoon (14:00-18:00)

Pre-Conference Workshop A:SEP In IoT
Pre-Conference Workshop B: Exploration of Data Rights Protection and Data IP Legislation

Dec 7th Morning

AI Patent Focus

Dec 7th Afternoon

IP and Compliance Risk Prevention in the Era of Big Models

Dec 8th Morning

Open Source IP, Cross-border Data Compliance

Dec 8th Afternoon

Export Control, IPO, and Compliance System Construction

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